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Orlando is one of the world's premiier/popular travel/tourist destinations with more than 50 million people visiting the area each year. The tourists/people enjoy the many attractins, beaches and events that Central Florida has to offer as well as making it a great place to live and visit.
Nicknamed the Sunshine State many people travel in search of fun, sun and thrills and with over 66 attractions and 3,000 restaurants there is no end of choice. For those who don't come primarily for the attractions there is a lot more on offer. The State has glorious winding waterways, freshwater lakes, hills, forests, exciting cities, 8,426 miles of coast, countless bays, inlets and islands, and a legendary climate which makes this one of the most popular States in the USA.

Orlando is situated in close proximity to dozens of incredible beaches, choosing which one to visit during your stay in the Florida area can be quite difficult. Each of it's beaches is unique and incredible for one reason or another. Within easy distance are three world famous beaches - Daytona with access via Interstate 4 and the ability to actually drive onto the beach, a trip to Daytona involves some of the easiest navigation from Orlando without as much stress when it comes to parking. Cocoa, although the roads aren't as straightforward, a basic map or GPS will land you right in the middle of the sunny east coast of Florida.  Cocoa is ideally located just over an hour from (and even less from other parts of town) and it has quite a bit to offer - in addition to a great view of any rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center. Clearwater is home to picture perfect sunsets, white sand, and clear blue gulf waters. For this reason it has come to be known as one of the best beaches in the State of Florida. Enjoy great seafood, great sunsets, and plenty of fun activities.